Princess Diana’s Death: How did Prince Charles React?

The royal family isn’t the only group of people who have regrets about their marriage. He was with Diana for a long time. Do you think Prince Charles has any regrets about what happened at the time?

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The beginning

According to a timeline compiled by Vogue, the press was immediately fascinated with Prince Charles and Diana as soon as they were introduced to the public. Diana seems to have snagged Charles’ attention as well.

After just 12 or 13 dates, he proposed to her at Windsor Castle in February of 1981, and they got married there. Even back then, the media couldn’t get enough of the couple, and Diana in particular. The press kept following her, to the point where she had to be moved from her apartment to Clarence House by Charles.


Camilla Parker

After they got engaged, he spent five weeks in New Zealand. First, he spent time with Camilla Parker Bowles, then with his new wife. During the Prince’s flight out of Heathrow Airport, Diana started to cry. At the time, this was thought of as a kind act by the prince’s new fiancée. But those tears were tears of heartbreak. In 1986, Prince Charles said that he and Camilla Parker Bowles were back together again.

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Charles wrote to a friend:

“How terrible incompatibility is, and how bad it can be for the people in this extraordinary drama. Everything you need for a Greek tragedy is in this story.”

He says that he didn’t think things would end the way they did.


The Death Of Diana

There is a chance that the death of Diana may have changed how the prince felt about her. In the summer of 1997, there was no chance for Prince Charles and Princess Diana to get back together. Just one year after getting divorced, Princess Diana was killed when her car was hit by a truck.

Diana’s driver, Henri Paul, is said to have been driving recklessly fast when he crashed the car in Paris’ Pont de l’Alma tunnel. This is how the story goes. Diana had been running from the paparazzi for the whole time she was with the prince, but she was never able to get away from them. The princess’s death shocked everyone in the royal family, but Prince Charles was the most affected by it. During an interview with Us Weekly, Matt Robins, who is a royal expert and the producer of CNN’s six-part documentary series, said: “Diana was a very important person in the history of the world.”


Prince William and Prince Harry

It was one of those decisions to let Prince William and Prince Harry, who were then 15 and 12 years old, walk in their mother’s funeral service. During an interview with Newsweek, Prince Harry said that in the end, he thought his father had made the right decision he could, given the circumstances. By telling Us Weekly he thought Prince Charles and his family learned how much people cared not just about Diana, but them as well. Because I just want to be here. And I want her family to know how much people care about them.

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Other Important Sources

Sources from the royal family say that Prince Charles had changed his mind about Diana before she died. Princess Diana, too, is said to have regretted her split from the prince. Diana and Charles were on “the best terms they’d been on for a long time” when she died, Tina Brown, author of The Diana Chronicles, told The Telegraph. This is what she said.

Even Charles is said to have “dropped in” on Diana at Kensington Palace, where she lived with her husband. Brown said, “They even laughed together.” Princess Diana was said to be heartbroken when she and Prince Charles finally broke up and divorced, even though she was having a relationship with Captain James Hewitt.

She allegedly informed Brown that she would return to Charles if he asked for her. So, what’s the deal with the switch? Diana had accepted that Camilla Parker Bowles was “the love of his life, and there was nothing she could do about it,” as Brown put it. Despite his affection for Camilla, the prince had an unbreakable bond with the Princess of Wales. When Diana’s friend Simone Simmons told the Daily Mail that Charles and Diana were good friends after the divorce because “she understood him,” it was widely reported.

In Simmons’ account, Charles had to wait until she died before realizing how much he adored her. Even though Camilla is Charles’ lifelong companion, there’s no denying the void left by Diana’s loss in the prince’s heart.


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