Automation in Work

When we think of the taxi driver who picks us up at the airport or the hotel receptionist in charge of checking in, we instinctively attach to these professionals certain characteristics that we consider essential for the development of their work activity: kindness, efficiency, service… But is it necessary for them to be human? With …

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Green Economy

Green Economy

Sustainability, the circular economy, and Corporate Social Responsibility are terms that are increasingly being utilized in the business and social fields. In this piece, I’ll explain what the Green Economy is and why it’s necessary to build it. What exactly is the green economy? According to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), a green economy …

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Metaverse, explained

The development of a virtual, interconnected, and hyper-realistic environment has become the focus of interest in recent months. But what exactly is this technology, and when will it become available? Let’s talk about it. A full virtual environment in which anyone can be, do and build whatever they wish. The term “Metaverse” refers to a …

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What Is Blockchain

Blockchain is the new “buzzword” when people talk about digital business processes for companies, even though it is a technology that is still in its early stage and not many people know what it can be used for. There are many different uses for Blockchain, but the most well-known is the virtual money Bitcoin. What is …

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