Gardening becomes healing with horticultural therapy

Horticultural therapy is a professional practice that uses plants and gardening to improve mental and physical health. A horticultural therapist works with any group that can benefit from interaction with plants, including veterans, children, the elderly and those dealing with addiction and mental health problems. “I was having severe issues with depression and alcoholism, and […]

What Gardening Can Do for Us

Many years ago, not long after gardening came to me* and stuck, I read a statistic that said something to the effect that just looking at a plant lowers our heart rate. This was so long ago now that I no longer recall the exact phrasing, nor where I read it, or why. Regardless, it […]

Top 10 Stupidest Gardening Moves

I’ve been gardening since the 1970’s when a friend taught me how to grow marijuana, largely an indoor affair. Back then I was surprised to find how much I preferred the planting and growing process to the smoking the weed process. After an embarrassing Saturday morning incident where a realtor, hired to sell the apartment […]

The secret of successful gardening

What is the point of gardening? Why do so many people spend so much time and effort digging, snipping, mowing, pruning, sowing and reaping? What is the attraction of fossicking about in the cold and muddy outdoors? Surely it would be easier to just go to the supermarket rather than struggle through briars and bindweed? […]

How ‘Gardening While Black’ Almost Landed This Man in Jail

Marc Peeples is passionate about gardening. So much so, he transformed a vacant playground into a green fingered wonderland. But his efforts offended three white women so much – they falsely accused him of an assortment of hideous crimes. Police were called multiple times by Deborah Nash, Jennifer Morris, and Martha Callahan. They complained about Peeples, who is black, […]

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