Why ‘Shrinkflation’ Means You Are Paying The Same For Less

According to multiple retail experts, many products’ prices are rising globally right now, but instead of raising them, many retailers are shrinking their product sizes. This is what people call “shrinkflation.” It is obvious that with inflation, prices on everything from groceries to fuel are rising worldwide. ‘Shrinkflation‘ is a term that refers to the …

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Man Outsources His Work In China And Spends His Day Surfing The Internet

Assume you own a business with a particular number of employees. After a while, you realize that one of them, specifically your ‘star’ employee, spends their workday surfing the internet, Facebook, watching cat videos on Reddit, or checking their email. Surprisingly, he is also the most productive of all. Impossible? It appears that this is …

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Why We Need Zoos Today

Zoos save thousands of animal species that have been endangered or displaced from their natural habitats. Their primary purpose is to conserve biodiversity. Although they were ethically unjustified in the past, they now subscribe to the opposite philosophy. Before delving into the significance of zoos, it’s vital to understand their origins and previous roles. This …

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Coastal Darkening Explained

The world’s coastal waters are becoming increasingly black. This dimming, or change in watercolor and clarity, has the potential to produce major issues for the ocean and its inhabitants. What Is Coastal Darkening: Parts of the ocean close to the shore are gradually becoming darker. The darkening isn’t just limited to the surface. The entire …

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Automation in Work

When we think of the taxi driver who picks us up at the airport or the hotel receptionist in charge of checking in, we instinctively attach to these professionals certain characteristics that we consider essential for the development of their work activity: kindness, efficiency, service… But is it necessary for them to be human? With …

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Green Economy

Green Economy

Sustainability, the circular economy, and Corporate Social Responsibility are terms that are increasingly being utilized in the business and social fields. In this piece, I’ll explain what the Green Economy is and why it’s necessary to build it. What exactly is the green economy? According to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), a green economy …

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