Coastal Darkening Explained

The world’s coastal waters are becoming increasingly black. This dimming, or change in watercolor and clarity, has the potential to produce major issues for the ocean and its inhabitants. What Is Coastal Darkening: Parts of the ocean close to the shore are gradually becoming darker. The darkening isn’t just limited to the surface. The entire …

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Metaverse, explained

The development of a virtual, interconnected, and hyper-realistic environment has become the focus of interest in recent months. But what exactly is this technology, and when will it become available? Let’s talk about it. A full virtual environment in which anyone can be, do and build whatever they wish. The term “Metaverse” refers to a …

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What Is Blockchain

Blockchain is the new “buzzword” when people talk about digital business processes for companies, even though it is a technology that is still in its early stage and not many people know what it can be used for. There are many different uses for Blockchain, but the most well-known is the virtual money Bitcoin. What is …

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NFTs, Explained

  Everyone has probably heard about NFTs by now. If you haven’t, you’ve been living in a cave. They’ve become a cultural phenomenon in just the last year. Some individuals despise them, while others believe they will be the future of anything and everything. But, no matter where you land on this spectrum, there’s a …

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Why Are Tires Black?

This question has a straightforward answer. There is soot on the tires, and soot is supposed to be black. A more relevant question is, “Why do tires have soot in them?” Approximately one-third of the weight of a tire is soot that is incorporated into the rubber. The explanation here is both straightforward and obvious: …

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