A village went dark to save a bird’s nest, and its hatchlings

A small village in Tamil Nadu, India, has recently gained attention for its act of kindness towards a family of Indian Robins. For 45 days, Potthakudi, a village with 120 houses, turned off all 35 of its streetlights to protect a nest of hatchlings that had been built in the main switchboard. The villagers also disconnected the power connection from the streetlights to ensure the safety of the bird and its young. The selfless act of the villagers has been praised by animal lovers on the internet. Karuppu Raja, a resident of the village and a bird lover, first noticed the nest and suggested the idea of turning off the streetlights to the village’s WhatsApp group.

“I wrote on WhatsApp that switching off the lights was the only solution because the bird will fly once it realises there is a human touch or contact near its nest. I also told the group that we should save the bird and its hatchlings at any cost,”

Despite some initial opposition, the majority of the villagers agreed to the plan to protect the endangered species. The streetlights were turned back on Sunday, after the Indian Robins left their nest. Potthakudi has now set an example of kindness and conservation for other communities.

This shows that humanity is capable of acts of kindness and concern for the well-being of other beings, in this case, a family of Indian Robins. It highlights the willingness of the villagers to take action to protect the endangered species, even if it meant temporarily inconveniencing themselves by turning off the streetlights.